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Book Review: Tibet, a History

Sam van Schaik 2011 Tibet, a History, Yale University Press, New haven and London. When I first heard Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche’s description of the community around his own teacher Chanchub Dorje I failed to realise the significance of what he was saying. Coming from our society that values democratic equality I had no notion […]


Buddist Holy Wars

Introduction This short essay is about how even within Buddhism, with its peaceful public persona, truly appaling acts of human violence can and have been justified. I ask here whether these justifications, exemplfied by ‘Imperial Way Buddhism”, have any legitamacy or whether they are a distortion of the Buddha’s Dharma? I also take a rather […]


Have I experienced rigpa?

Have I experienced rigpa has to be the most important question a student of Dzogchen ever asks. However, despite the necessity of recognising rigpa to be practising Dzogchen, for many of us it remains an elusive experience and even a source of anxiety. We may ask ourself, did I get the pointing out? Do I […]


The Buddhist path very, very succinctly.

Shakyamuni Buddha Buddhism started almost two and a half thousand years ago and spread throughout the Ganges basin of Northern India. It was started by Gotama, the son of a chieftain of the Shakya clan which then straddled the border of present day Nepal and India. The earliest accounts of Gotama’s life portray him as […]