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Mindful in an interconnected world

Better than a thousand useless words is one single word that gives peace
The Dhammapada

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Mindfulness – very simple and a more complete definition

Eight five minute talks to accompany our Eight Week Course and One to One Courses:

What To Do When My Course Ends?

After the Course 1 and 2

The Eight Fold Path

– the original eight steps to awakening


Three guided mindfulness meditations:

The mindful pause

Mindfulness of the breath

Mindfulness of emotions

Why Can’t I Meditate? How to get your mindfulness practice on track.

Nigel Wellings, Foreword by Rebecca Crane. Published by Piatkus 2015 and Tarcher 2016.

Practising mindfulness meditation can help us lead a less stressful more balanced life – yet, despite understanding this, many of us find it difficult to cultivate and maintain a daily practice. Why Can’t I Meditate? is essential reading for anyone who is considering meditating, is struggling to continue or who has stopped but wants to start again. It shows how we may understand and begin to successfully work with the barriers that prevent our mindfulness practice flourishing.

“People learning mindfulness often ask, “I know mindfulness practice is helpful, how can I best establish my meditation practice?” Now I can recommend this wonderful book. Nigel Wellings offers insightful, compassionate and eminently practical guidance, based on his extensive personal experience as a teacher and practitioner and interviews with some of the most accomplished mindfulness teachers in the field.”
Willem Kuyken,
Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Exeter

For the website of the book:

Crossroads in Psychoanalysis, Buddhism and Mindfulness

Edited by Anthony Molino with an essay by Nigel Wellings, 'With Buddha in Mind, Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy in Practice'. 2013 Jason Aronson.

“This book has so many riches – riches of Buddhism, of psychoanalysis, of Buddhism as therapy, and of therapy as meditative quest, each affected by the other, becoming part of each other. The writings in this book take us to living places and provide much guidance about the ins and outs of experience.”
Michael Eigan, author
The Psychoanalytic Mystic and Kabbalah and Psychoanalysis.

Nothing To Lose, psychotherapy, mindfulness and living life

Nigel Wellings and Elizabeth Wilde McCormick, Foreword Mark Epstein, author of Thoughts Without a Thinker.
2010 Woodyard Publications. 223 pages £12.50 +pp. Contact us for copies.

“In sharing their insights gained from the long application of Buddhism and Western psychology, Nigel Wellings and Elizabeth McCormick have produced a rich and moving work that reflects an unflinching honesty about themselves and a deep commitment to the welfare of others.”
Stephen Batchelor,
author Buddhism without Beliefs,
Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist and After Buddhism.