Bath and Bristol Mindfulness CoursesDeepening Mindfulness

A practice for a lifetime

Trying to fix ourselves is not helpful,
it implies struggle and self-denigration.
Pema Chödrön

Once the Eight Week / Three Days Mindfulness Course has been completed then the really hard work of daily nourishing our practice begins. To help with this there are further evenings, day retreats and a new course available.

Deepening Your Mindfulness

A level 2 for the Eight Week Mindfulnes Course

A new course this year, with Philippa Vick and Nigel Wellings. Establishing a deeper, more consistant practice by learning how to work with the things that make meditating hard in the company of others. Open to anyone who has completed an MBSR/MBCT course or who already practices mindfulness. Each course tailor made to participants needs.

The Deepening Mindfulness Course: Three Sturdays 10.00 – 4.00. Next dates being arranged.

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The Day Retreats in Bath and Bristol

Revisit the experience of the one full day of practice from the Eight Week course by joining in on that day again with those that are presently doing the course. Many who have done this say how valuable it is – perhaps now a little more confident and relaxed in our mindfulness meditation we can appreciate and use the space and silence to go a little deeper.

The Day Retreat 9.45 – 4.30: Please contact us for current dates. Courses payment by donation.

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Mindful Tuesday Evenings with Philippa Vick and Nigel Wellings – in Bath

An ongoing small group that meets alternating Tuesday evenings to practice together. Open to any one who has completed an eight week course.

Mindful Tuesday Evenings 7.15 – 8.45: Please contact us for dates. Charitable donation – guide £5.

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The Buddhist Background To Mindfulness
Wednesday Evenings with Nigel Wellings – in Bath

A once monthly ongoing small group that meets 10 times over the year to practice together and explore the wider Buddhist context of mindfulness. Open to any one who has completed an introduction to mindfulness and has an interest. Members sign up for all ten sessions.

This years Buddhist Background To Mindfulness course is going to focus on a teaching given by the historical Buddha called, ‘The Four Establishings of Mindfulness’ (Or by another more familiar but not so good translation), ‘The Four Foundations of Mindfulness’. The Sati-paṭṭhanā Sutta. Oddly there are only a few really explicit recorded teachings from the Buddha on how to practice meditation, out of these the Four Establishings is the fullest and most important. The text covers mindfulness of the body, starting with the breath. Mindfulness of sensations. Mindfulness of the mind. And mindfulness of the wholesome and unwholesome mind states that either obscure or lead to awakening. So all in all a tour de force.

Evenings together will consist of presentation and discussion and of course mindfulness practice guided by the Sutta itself. Participants are welcome who have been introduced to the practice of mindfulness and would like to take their practice a little deeper. Emphasis on the practical rather than the academic.

Ten Wednesday Evenings 7.00 – 8.45: Starting 17 January 2018. Cost – £95.

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Mindful Monthly Evenings with Laurence Milburn and Julia Richmond – in Bristol

An 11 week series of once monthly meetings at the Quaker Meeting House, Redland, Bristol to practice and explore themes that help support and develop our practice. Open to any one who has completed an eight week course and would like to commit to regular monthly sessions

Mindful Evenings (usually Wednesdays) 7.30 – 9.15: Please contact us for dates. £50.00

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