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Two Paths One Goal (or non-goal)

These are notes that may accompany The Buddhist Background To Mindfulness Course. Buddhism has been around for almost two and a half thousand years, during that time Buddhist meditation practice has gone through lots of changes. In this session I want to compare the type of meditation that was very probably taught by the Buddha […]


Why Am I Reacting Like This?

Character styes, community and mindfulness. During roughly the last hundred years developmental psychology has mapped out in detail how we become emotionally an adult and how our environment – emotional and physical – can adversely impact upon this. Put simply as we grow up things wound us and these wounds we may then bear for […]


Shall we trance?

At the heart of Buddhism is a recipe for successful meditation; it is a balance between the right amount of effort, mindfulness and concentration. Both historically and also particularly recently the emphasis has been on mindfulness, an open awareness that enables us to remain fully present moment to moment with what we are experiencing. However […]


Extract: Mindfulness, Psyche and Soma.

An extract from Body Psychotherapy Ed. Tree Staunton In this chapter I would like to introduce how the principles and method of mindfulness meditation may be usefully wedded to the practice of psycho/physical therapy, particularly through the perspectives of Hakomi therapy, Transpersonal Psychology and the work of Bob Moore, as I have understood it, through […]