Bath and Bristol Mindfulness CoursesWhat people say

and some of the places we have run courses for

Commissioned Courses

The Bath and Bristol Mindfulness Courses have run the Eight Week Mindfulness MBSR/MBCT Course and Introductory Courses for the following organisations:

  • Ontrak Youth Counselling Service, Bristol
  • Swindon Novas Scarman – working with the vulnerable and homeless, Swindon
  • Penny Brohn Cancer Care, Bristol
  • NHS North Somerset
  • Bath University – for students and staff
  • Royal United Hospital, Bath
  • LIFT Psychology, NHS South Gloucestershire
  • Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

What people have said about our courses

Taken from feed back given at the end of the course and with the participants permission:

Personal experiences

“Hard to explain, but so much of the good things about ‘me’ have been lost for various reasons and I am finding that they are returning.”

“It has helped me discover who I am. It has supported me in a way of life that I believe to be true and profound.”

“The mindfulness course has been a revelation for me. I did not expect to reap such benefits so soon but the combination of your leadership, the material you supplied including the CDs, the special day at Batheaston and the lovely, open people on the course all combined to open new doors.”

“I have given it a high score because of the simple act of being present is awakening within me a power, clarity and peace that I did not realise was already there like a mystery waiting to be discovered. Waiting for me to be ready to see it and receive it.”

The experience of the group

“I really appreciated the opportunity to share the journey with such a lovely group – thank you for being our guide and supporting us as we struggled with weekly setbacks. I appreciated too the opportunity to share and celebrate “successes” and insights with such joy.”

“It was interesting to watch how you maintained the integrity of the group and the purpose of each session. It was also brilliant to follow something that I had read about in a coherent way – I have read some of the books prior to the course, so to experience it, felt like a real privilege and added to the sense of community and an awareness that there are people doing this all over the world.”

The facilitation

“I liked the whole content of the course and the materials, as well as the way it was facilitated and won’t hesitate to recommend it.”

“All the time you embodied kindness . . and you led the course throughout as though you’re not the ‘big expert’, but more like a skilful fellow-traveller.”

“Your way of teaching, I think, is very good. Gentle, non-judgemental, not all knowing, giving people their own confidence.”