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App Distribution Tips Guide. This area relates to app businesses

App Distribution Tips Guide. This area relates to app businesses

For all the advantage of the developers and customers, Samsung ensures the solutions (applications) see highest criteria of quality.

Samsung, at their single discretion and without permission of every additional parties, reserves the authority to distribute, withhold book, and take off from book from inside the Samsung Galaxy Store all programs (software) provided for book being published. If an app fulfills all Samsung book policy requirements, nevertheless they don’t comply with a nearby laws or practices of a single or more book countries within the app registration, those nations could be removed from the app’s publishing. Although the application was published in Galaxy shop, if consumers discover app content or performance become objectionable to people, to no more adhere to neighborhood rules of publishing nations, or to no further follow Samsung book rules, Samsung can stop application publication.

All apps must meet the requirement to be able to go publishing assessment for programs are obtainable in Galaxy shop for download, and now have settled software and in-app items sale supported.

1. Results

This part pertains to app businesses.

1.1 Function

1.1.1 Software installation, launch, termination, and uninstallation must succeed without errors.

1.1.2 Software attributes mustn’t crash or result functional problems.

1.1.3 Programs mustn’t put hidden attributes.

1.1.4 Demo or beta version binaries must not be presented.

1.1.5 For applications that want user login, login tips (such as for instance individual ID and code) for a user profile to be utilized to check the app ought to be provided during application registration.

1.1.6 Programs should never consist of spyware or trojans.

1.1.7 Software mustn’t establish symbol shortcuts or bundles.

1.1.8 Programs mustn’t start or help automated posts.

1.1.9 Applications must not affect the behavior of additional applications.

1.1.10 Samsung in-app installment (IAP) is recommended to offer in-app goods (instance products and subscriptions) for the protection and efficiency.

1.2 Usability

1.2.1 programs must certanly be valuable, interesting, special, or useful.

1.2.2 Apps needs to be distinctive in functions and concept. Several similar programs should not be presented.

1.2.3 programs cannot include a higher quantity of ads, web clippings, website links, or movies that degrade the consumer feel.

1.2.4 application illustrations need to be noticeable.

1.2.5 application text ought to be understandable rather than become truncated or altered.

1.2.6 App displays must fill the product display.

1.2.7 premium apps must not have unreasonably highest pricing.

1.2.8 software offering app download inside the software are not enabled.

1.3 Metadata

Metadata makes reference to information about good site an application (like concept, story, tags, screenshot and merchant term).

1.3.1 software metadata ought to be suitable for customers of various age groups.

1.3.2 If app subscription determine 2 or more publication nations, app metadata must support English as standard language.

1.3.3 Software registration preview pictures, screenshot graphics, and information must correctly program and describe application usability.

1.3.4 If an application provides in-app object shopping or advertising, this needs to be accurately shown and explained inside app registration preview graphics, screenshot imagery, and explanations.

1.3.5 App metadata should never integrate unimportant, misleading, or fraudulent key words.

1.3.6 Application subscription must identify the age standing and classes that are appropriate for the application.

If software subscription cannot identify them, Samsung changes all of them appropriately.

1.3.7 Metadata cannot encourage some other software storage, or mobile systems.

1.3.8 URLs should never result functional difficulties in addition to online resources of URLs should never contain material that violates software Distribution instructions requirements (like, yet not restricted to, malware and unsuitable or no contents).

1.4 Hardware compatibility

1.4.1 software must not make music in silent form.

1.4.2 Software cannot transform standard setup associated with user unit.

1.4.3 Applications mustn’t resume the user unit.

1.4.4 Software must not create problems for embedded unit services (such as, however simply for, Bluetooth, G-sensor, Wi-Fi, Camera, telephone call, Volume/Hold Key, Alarm, and SMS/MMS).

1.4.5 software must not cause problems for devices and program events.

1.4.6 Apps cannot freeze if the individual device is rotated and when device items (such as, yet not restricted to, earphones) is plugged into or unplugged from the device.

1.4.7 Apps mustn’t eat higher power supply present, create higher heating, or quickly drain the user equipment electric battery.

2. software information and behavior

This part relates to app product and activities.

If app content violates neighborhood laws and regulations or practices, Samsung may suspend app publishing or eliminate nations from application publishing.

2.1 intimate content

2.1.1 Software mustn’t visually or audibly existing or encourage overt sexual concepts or information (including, not simply for, explicit nudity, subjected male or female genitalia, pornography, pedophilia, bestiality, intimately direct behavior, and intimately effective poses).

2.1.2 Programs cannot visually or audibly current or inspire exploitative intimate conduct (including, but not restricted to, sexual punishment, sexual assault, and bestiality).

2.1.3 Applications mustn’t supply a strategy to access website that have an intimate importance (including, although not limited by, adult friend finder and matchmaking web pages).

2.2 Assault