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Laurence Milburn

“I started meditating 25 years ago and have found it fundamental for personal growth and well being, it has helped me to live life fully and face difficulties with increased open heartedness, and compassion. Over time I have become increasingly interested in integrating my therapeutic work with my meditation practice. Mindfulness and Buddhist psychology has provided me with such a bridge and Jon Kabat-Zinn’s secular approach to mindfulness attracted me because it combines the ancient eastern wisdom with modern western science.

I am BACP accredited, and have worked as a therapist since 2000, both privately and employed as a Specialist Drug and Alcohol Counsellor. I specialise in working with people with complex needs and consequently am completing further training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a body orientated psychotherapy for trauma. I have completed the John Kabat-Zinn based level 1 and 2 Mindfulness Teacher Training retreats at Bangor University, and have been teaching courses since 2007. This includes a new course I have developed in ‘Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention for Addiction’”.